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About Junichi Hagiuda




Whenever I go on a trip, I always carry my camera. I started creating collage art work based on the destinations of my travel since 2009. Never had I asked a teacher to teach me how to do it. It was really hard to make an original style. This art work is my style. I used printed paper which I designed and Origami as a material for the collage art work. I used scissors to cut Origami papers and pasted them on the paper canvas. I also used a ruler to express the details of the buildings. For some works, I used real photos as part of the landscapes in order to express realism. The title of my masterpieces is inspired by or taken from a Japanese style poem "Tanka". I don't have a lot of masterpieces because it takes a long time to create it as of this moment. But I hope to continue the creation and exhibition. I am hoping that many people will visit this site and follow me!

December 4, 1977 born



​   第102回二科展デザイン部準入選



   グランフェスふくしま出展(Creema会員)(2013) Member
   The Story of the Creative出展(NY)(2013)
   Year in Review 2013 出展(NY)

   Art takes Miami 2014 出展

      Art takes Miami 2015 出展

      山形市の文翔館で初個展(2017) 5日間で来場者330人超

   山形市の文翔館で2回目の個展(2019) 5日間で来場者900人超



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